Year 9 Options 2024

At Meopham School we believe in providing a broad and balanced curriculum. From Year 10 onwards students have the chance to specialise in subjects that are of areas of strength and interest to them. We therefore ask students in Year 9 to choose the options that they would like to study in Key-Stage 4. Please click on the link below to view the Options Booklet for each of the core and optional courses available.

Further course information and option blocks will be shared at our Options Evening event. This will take place on the 21st March 2024.

The link for choosing options will be made available on this page on the morning of the 25th March. Students will then have one week to make their final decisions, and the options process will close on the 28th March.

Students and parents will be informed of the allocated courses during Term 5.



Please note that although we try our best to accommodate all student option requests, we are sometimes not able to run groups if the class sizes are prohibitively small.

In addition, for some subjects, the requirement for specialist rooming or staffing means the number of option or size of groups might be limited.

Should you have any queries regarding the options process, please contact Mr Huggens - Key-Stage 3 Raising Standards Leader:


Option blocks 

You must choose one option from each block. One option must be either History or Geography. (you may choose both, if you wish). For most students, we strongly recommend choosing a language option.


*Please note that students cannot choose both the Computing and the DIT option, and cannot choose both 2D and 3D Art

Although we will try our hardest to accommodate all student option requests, when you submit your final option choices you will be asked to give some reserve options. This will be used if a subject is not able to run due to prohibitively low numbers - or in the event of a subject being heavily oversubscribed, and we are unable to timetable additional groups due to rooming or staffing constraints. We will contact you and let you know if this is the case. 

In circumstances of course oversubscription we will allocate on a first-come-first-served basis.