Year 6 Transition

We hope the new cohort of 2021-22 Year 7 students are looking forward to joining our school community as much as we are looking forward to welcoming them. We want the move from primary school to Meopham School to be an exciting and positive time for students, but understand that in light of the current school closures, the way in which we facilitate that transition may be different this year.  Our aim is to ensure that the change is smooth and straightforward for our new students and their families, whatever the context.


This section of our website provides families with the essential information required to prepare for the transition to Meopham School. We look forward to meeting you soon.


Transition Booklet

We have also included a 'Transition Booklet' which explains the process of moving from one school to another, in more detail. There is lots of general information included and there are activities you could work through, if you wish.



Meet the staff

As well as your subject teachers, who will support your learning in the classroom, there is a group of staff members who will be helping the new Year 7 to settle in to their new school.

Form Tutor

Year 7 will see their form tutor every day during advisory and the form tutor is the first port of call if there is a question or a problem. Form tutors will make sure new students are settling in and help with the everyday things, especially when students first arrive. Form tutors will monitor attendance, behaviour and rewards, as well as help with any day-to-day concerns. We haven’t allocated tutors just yet, but students will be introduced to their form tutor at the beginning of the school year.

Head of House

When students join Meopham School, they will also join a “House”. Houses are like families; they have assemblies together, support a charity together and compete together in school competitions. Every House has a leader who is also here to support students and their form tutors.

Brunel House – Miss Miles             

Redgrave House – Mr Payne

Holmes House – Miss Holmes Newton House – Miss Gostling

Student services are a fantastic team who are also available to support students throughout the day if their form tutor or Head of House are unavailable. The student services office can be found on the ground floor, along from the cafeteria and is open to students during break and lunchtimes. It can get busy at certain times of the day, so we would encourage students to only visit student services, if they can’t contact their form tutor in the first instance.


Allocation of School Houses

Presently, we are liaising with our primary school partners to gather information about our new intake of Year 7 students. This information will be used to decide upon tutor group and house allocations. We do aim to put siblings in the same houses, but we cannot make any guarantees at this moment in time. Further information will be available in July.