Uniform and Equipment


The school uniform is, we believe, smart and practical. We have aimed to keep costs down, while having a uniform, which students can feel proud to wear. Students are expected to wear the uniform correctly both at school and on the way between home and school. We trust that parents will support the school and its governors in ensuring pupils wear the correct uniform at all times.


School Tie – (to be worn by boys only)

Meopham School tie in House colours. Also available from the School Office.



Plain black straight trousers (no jeans or fashion trousers; metal belts and tabs are unsafe).

Black skirts should be a sensible length for school wear i.e. to the knee. Skirts should not be tight, or made of a stretch material



Boys - white, full length, long/short sleeve with a collar. To be worn tucked in with the school tie.

Girls - white, fitted, open neck v-necked, short length blouse. To be worn untucked and without a tie.

(Fashion blouses e.g. with pleats, puff sleeves, empire line, unfitted, rounded collars, are not acceptable alternatives).


School Blazer

Boys - black, with House badge embroidered on to the pocket.

Girls - black, fitted with House badge embroidered on to the pocket.

It is a washable garment and can be drip-dried.


School Sweater (Optional)

This is a black v-neck sweater, with House edging, and is the only garment allowed if pupils want an extra garment for warmth. A sleeveless version also available.



Black, sensible school shoes – Trainers or trainer derivatives are not permitted (no boots for girls or heavy boots for boys). We do accept black Kickers shoes which are chosen by many.

Trainers are only for sporting activities at breaks and lunchtimes

Short, plain socks or tights (flesh or dark).



Coats are weatherproof outer garments to be worn over the top of the blazer.

Hoodies and sweatshirts are not part of the school uniform and are not acceptable.


Hair and Jewellery

No jewellery is to be worn by students.

Simple functional bobbles (ie elastic bands used for pony tails) are allowed for those who need to tie back long hair, but fashion hair accessories are not acceptable.

Hair must be of natural colour and not multi tonal.

Hair styles must be smart and appropriate for school.

In particular students must avoid extreme or sharp variations in hair length for fashion effects.

Boys are expected to be clean shaven at school



No make-up is to be worn by Key Stage 3 pupils. Unobtrusive make-up is accepted in the Upper School.

Nail varnish, nail, hair or eyelash extensions are not permitted


School bags

A suitable school bag is one which is large enough to carry A4 text books, exercise books, and equipment for school.


If in doubt about the suitability of any item please consult with the school before making your purchase.


Common Uniform mistakes

Each year we see some common, recurring uniform errors.  We hope the following notes are helpful in avoiding these.

  1. Girls must have untucked blouses, not a shirt that takes a tie.
  2. Knee high or over knee socks are not permitted. Socks should be ankle length. Tights are permitted.
  3. No jewellery is allowed - this includes studs in the ears.
  4. Large or obvious hair accessories are not permitted. Plain hair ties only please.
  5. Haircuts for boys should not be extreme. Tramlines are not permitted.
  6. Shoes must be plain and black. Please do not choose any shoe that may be considered to have the qualities of a trainer. Kickers are acceptable.

If you are unsure of any of the permissions around uniform, please check with us first to avoid any inconvenient or costly mistakes. A member of staff will be able to advise on the appropriateness of any purchases.


P.E. Kit

At Meopham School, we believe that Physical Education is an essential part of a child’s overall development. We believe that a student’s appearance matters and has an effect on achievement. We have, therefore, adopted a strict dress code.

Black T-shirt with school logo and House colours

Black jumper with school logo and House colours

Black shorts or plain black joggers

Trainers + (Football boots, Shin Pads, Gum Shield – Winter Months)


Equipment List

All students should attend school ready to learn. This includes having the correct equipment.

The equipment list is as follows:

  • A black biro pen + spares
  • A green biro pen
  • Casio Scientific Calculator
  • Pencil, ruler, eraser and pencil sharpener
  • Students must bring a personal reading book to school
  • A set of colouring pencils (for Art & Design lessons)
  • An apron or over-shirt (for Art & Design lessons)