Meopham School expresses its high standards in many ways, one of which is through the dress of its students. From Year 7 to Year 11 conformity to a uniform is required but Sixth Formers have the privilege of choice, provided that their dress is appropriate for an academic learning environment.  Pupils are required to wear office attire.


  • Shirt with collar and a tie

  • Trousers should be tailored. Jeans, tracksuit bottoms and shorts are not permitted

  • Shoes should be smart; the following colours are permitted; black, blue, grey and brown.  No trainers, or canvas shoes are allowed

  • Suit jacket

  • Jumper or cardigan.  Smart sweatshirts may be worn over the student’s shirt and tie.  Hoodies are not acceptable.


  • Skirt, tailored trousers or dress. Skirts and dresses should be of a suitable length, a maximum of 3 inches above the knee.  Skirts and dresses may have slits in them of no more than two inches – no jeans, leggings, combats or shorts

  • Blouse, shirt, tailored top or smart tops– tops that expose the abdomen or reveal a cleavage are unacceptable as are strapless or backless

  • Shoes should be of a type similar in that worn lower down the school, although not necessarily black, sandals may be worn.  Shoes should not have a stiletto heel. Trainers, canvas pumps, flip-flops and boots with trousers tucked in are not acceptable

  • Suit or smart jacket – not denim

  • Jumper or cardigan – Smart sweatshirts may be worn over the student’s blouse or shirt.  Hoodies are not acceptable.

Clothing that features logos, slogans or badges are unacceptable – this does not extend to manufacturers names or small logos that are displayed discreetly.  

Most jewellery is considered acceptable; however, students may be required to remove items if an excessive amount of jewellery is worn.

Because of the constant changes of fashion that take place, it has to remain the right of senior members of staff and the Head of Sixth Form to determine that a particular item of dress is not suitable.

Students studying BTEC Sport are permitted to wear sports attire when directed to.  Hoodies are not acceptable under any circumstances.