The Meopham Baccalaureate

We have created the Meopham Baccalaureate of Education in response to the growing skills gap between employers and their requirements and the skill set of school leavers.

"In a rapidly-changing global business environment it is vital that all young people reach their full potential in order to open up doors of opportunity after Post 16 education."

The Meopham Baccalaureate of Education comprises Personal Development, employment, study and life skills. Students across the two years will take part in; workshops, conferences, work placements, leadership schemes and online courses. Students will also be able to take part in a range of enrichment opportunities, where they will develop soft skills such as communication, presenting, public speaking, professionalism and leadership.

We run a range of programmes that offer leadership opportunities in Sixth Form that form the top layer of student leadership within the school. Students are encouraged to take up some form of leadership role. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Enrichment leaders where our students support and take part in the wider enrichment programme of the school this can include the school magazine as well as council.

  • The Subject leaders programme where our students work in a department, a subject they are taking or one of interest, and work alongside a member of staff and class. The students work one to one and with small groups supporting learning and demonstrating the character traits we promote in all our learners.

  • Prefect roles with specific foci such as literacy, inclusion and charity.

Our Student leaders are supported in all their endeavours by the Sixth Form Leadership Team. These students support the wider school community and work together to develop the student experience.