Skills for Success evenings

In order to maximise student achievement, we are keen to work in partnership with both parents and students to identify strategies that we can all use to ensure that our students have the best chance at being successful in their exams. 

Our Skills for Success evenings for Year 10, 11 and the Sixth Form include short seminars delivered by teachers at Meopham school to give information, advice and guidance for examination success.

The aim of these sessions is to aid students in their quest to not just meet their targets, but to exceed them, and to also to allow parents/carers to also hear the key messages we are sharing about what makes effective learning.

The Skills for Success evening covers a number of key-areas, including:

  • what is effective learning?
  • what does cognitive science tell us about memory?
  • what techniques work best for active learning?
  • why is 'little and often' better than last minute cramming?
  • can a little bit of stress be a good thing?
  • how can we ensure we look after our wellbeing and mental health?
  • study plans and personal target setting
  • where can success take me?

All of these presentations and resources have also been made available to our students and parents/carers using the 'Year 11 examinations folder' which can be found in student's Google classrooms.