Skills for Success Virtual Event

Now that students have settled in to Year 11 and their exams are drawing closer, every moment is crucial in reaching their potential. In order to maximise student achievement, we are keen to work in partnership with both parents and students to identify strategies that we can all use to ensure that our students have the best chance at being successful in their exams. 

We would like to invite you to watch a short series of videos created by teachers at Meopham School. The aim of these videos is to help support and challenge students in their quest to not just meet their targets, but to exceed them. Revision techniques will also be explored to enable parents to see the skills that the school encourages students to use to learn independently.

We have scheduled this event now due to the Mock Examinations being very fast approaching. These examinations will run in the first two weeks of February 2021. Throughout the year, we will be adding more revision techniques and informative videos to provide support in different areas. 


Introduction to Skills for Success and some important information for Year 11 parents and students for this year:


Revision tools:

Here are some revision resources in this section to help students and parents work together to get started with revision.


How can parents support their children this year?


How to structure revision and make a revision timetable


Sample Revision timetable with template (MS Word .docx format):


Wellbeing Information:

What are the benefits of eating healthily?


What are the benefits of exercise?


Advice from Year 12:

It is always good to hear a few words of wisdom from older students who have experience of preparing for mock examinations and applications for post-16 options. Here is the responses from a few of our Year 12 students when asked what advice they would give to our current Year 11 students.



Due to the unforeseen circumstances of COVID 19, my year 11 didn’t quite go as planned but that did not stop me from being successful and achieving the grades I deserved. Mock examinations are much more important than they seem; yes they are a test and yes they are challenging but they are there to help you and show you the difficulties you face in the real exams. Of course your GCSEs are going to be daunting but all examinations are. Revision is a vital factor of success and the more you are reinforcing things, the stronger your knowledge is going to be in those areas. As someone famously said “You get out in life what you put in” and the harder you work now, the better the rewards will be at the end. Make sure you arrive to all lessons on time and take as little time off as possible. It is all going to benefit you in the long run! Trust me. Teachers are not going to have a go at you for asking for help! That’s what they’re there for so use them if you’re stuck and ask them to explain something. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Sixth form and college applications are also very important as they are going to shape your future. The choices you make now ultimately decide what you’re going to do in 10 years time. Work as hard as you can and I promise it will show at the end.  



Although revision may overwhelm you at first, the best thing to do is to break it down into little areas and deal with it bit by bit. Don’t get overwhelmed but if you do, talk to a teacher. They’re there to help after all.



My advice on post 16 applications would be to make sure you have options. Don't limit yourself to just one path. I would advise you to look around different college and sixth form options to ensure you always have a back up plan.