School Clubs and Activities

Meopham School offers clubs before and after school and during lunchtimes. School clubs are a fantastic way to make new friends, learn a new skill or continue practising skills you’re already familiar with.

Having personal interests and hobbies is something we really encourage, so get involved when you arrive!

Did you know that our clubs could:

  • Uncover a hidden talent?

  • Build and develop your existing skills?

  • Be a great way to get more sport and exercise into your day?

  • Introduce you to new friends?

  • Provide opportunities for leadership and teamwork?

Some of the clubs typically offered to students are below. The programme changes termly, and information is shared via email to parents, as well as being displayed around the school site:

  • Football, rugby, basketball and other sports

  • Fitness and yoga

  • Choir

  • Textiles and arts clubs

  • Drama

  • Dungeons and Dragons

  • School Magazine

  • Debate club

  • Film and book clubs