The needs and safety of young people always comes first.  Meopham School is committed to safeguarding our students, staff and visitors.  We expect all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment.

The Safeguarding Agenda incorporates child protection and concentrates on the well-being of the young person.

We aim to ensure that we detect any sign that could indicate a young person is not thriving or is failing to meet his/her potential.  Any concern will be acted upon.

At Meopham School we conduct regular risk assessments to ensure the school site is safe and secure.  Any concerns should be reported to the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Z. Romney at the school on 01474 814646 or email.

We see safeguarding as keeping our community safe from harm, abuse or injury.  We take our duty of care very seriously and will consistently follow up any concern.


Student Welfare Structure

All Staff  :  At Meopham School all staff are concerned with student well-being.  To ensure that the school deals effectively with welfare, guidance and discipline, a formal pastoral structure is in place.

Form Tutors  :  The form tutor is responsible for the day to day welfare, guidance and discipline of students.  The form tutor should be the first person a student will turn to for help or advice.  Form tutors will monitor and support student welfare by promoting and celebrating positive behaviour, achievement and attendance.  Where appropriate, form tutors refer concerns to the Pastoral Support Team.

Student Services  :  The role of the form tutor is supported, in the first instance, by the appropriate Student Services Officer.