Physical Education

Core PE

Here at Meopham the PE department is a passionate one, presented through the emphasis on participation of physical activity across the whole school, including staff. Within our team we have a range of disciplines and experiences including teachers who have worked and still work in the sports industry. We aim to pass this passion onto our students and this is why we offer such a broad curriculum and offer a range of morning and after school clubs to suit the needs of all our students.

We put participation, teamwork and leadership skills at the heart of our teaching and learning. We believe in the importance of inclusion and sport for all. Our aim is for students to develop not only physically but also to master a variety of transferable traits that can be used in many aspects of life and employment, including confidence, communication, resilience and adaptability, all required for leadership roles.

Most importantly we aspire for students to get enjoyment from our subject and to use the knowledge learnt to live a healthy, happy and enjoyable future. 

Core PE which is regularly visited across the year groups explore a vast range of sports each year. Our aim in lessons is to fully engage ALL students to participate, enjoy and see the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle.

Students working at RED are encouraged to perform basic skills in practice and attempt them in competitive game situations.

Students working at AMBER are encouraged to perform complex skills in practice and use both basic and complex skills in game situations.

Students working at GREEN are encouraged to perform complex skills in competitive game situations and be successful in supporting others around them.

Students working at BLUE are our HPA pupils who are specific to practical lessons. These students are encouraged to create and lead activities throughout the lesson as well as supporting others. They will also take on roles such as team managers to analyse team performances during game situations and adapt their team play accordingly.

We encourage ALL students to build on their leadership with every lesson, therefore encouraging students to develop their confidence.

Core PE lessons are taught through the use of fun, active and competitive games which are used to maintain participation and engagement.

The sports we cover include:

  • Netball
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Gymnastics
  • Badminton
  • Athletics
  • Fitness
  • Tennis
  • Cross country
  • Basketball
  • Fitness
  • Rounders
  • Athletics






KS4-BTEC TECH Sport, Activity and Fitness. (Edexcel)

Here at Meopham School studying sport at KS4 as an option gives students the opportunity to build confidence as a leader. Students gain knowledge of the components of fitness as well as how to test and train to improve these areas. We also look into the effects of different lifestyle factors and the importance of nutrition, linking to the components of fitness. We feel it is important for students to learn these factors as they need to know how to maintain and continue to have a healthy active lifestyle outside of school leading into adulthood.

Students also gain an in-depth knowledge of our body systems, how they function and the effects of exercise on these body systems. Again, this is knowledge that will help them in maintaining a healthy active lifestyle as they can understand how their own bodies work and can see the importance of exercise.

As we focus on building students as strong leaders, we think it is important for students to take on extra responsibilities therefore we ensure that students also build a basic knowledge of injuries and first aid. Students can then further develop their knowledge of how our bodies work.

We focus on building strong leaders as leadership skills can help students across all aspects of life. No matter if they want a career in sport, they can use the skills of being a leader to support them to progress in other careers but also have the knowledge to lead healthy, active lifestyles.