Performing Arts

Key Stage 4 Performing Arts Curriculum Intent

At Meopham School we believe that drama plays a major role in the development of the whole person. Drama is a subject that encourages working with others, developing communication skills and therefore the ability to work in a group. 

Our vision as a department is to inspire young people to think differently, learning to express themselves and develop confidence. Within the curriculum, students complete projects designed to challenge their thinking, build their transferable skills and facilitate opportunities for choice.

At Meopham School we believe that drama plays a major role in the development of the whole person. Students develop confidence, team work skills, authentic communication, and the ability to problem solve. Students have opportunities to develop their creativity, build their memory skills and interpret texts, as well as developing their knowledge of theatre practitioners such as Brecht and Stanislavski. 

The Drama department aims to provide students with challenging, creative lessons that develop the above skills within an enthusiastic and purposeful environment. Students are encouraged to overcome challenges and approach their work with a growth mindset. 

The engagement in Drama is key to developing each student's personal cultural capital with the exploration of texts such as Blood Brothers, DNA and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.  We offer extensive enrichment opportunities which further build students' cultural capital. Students have the chance to engage in a number of workshops with outside practitioners focusing on areas such as stage combat and musical theatre.

As a department we feel very strongly about developing students' love for the subject and ensure that students are enabled to develop career opportunities in the Drama field be it in theatre, film or TV.

Key Stage 4 - Performing Arts Overview