Key Stage 4 Music Curriculum Intent

The Key Stage 4 Music curriculum continues the journey of building musical knowledge started in Key Stage 3. Pupils will develop skills which will enable them to explore a multitude of roles within the Music Industry. Students are encouraged to engage with the many aspects of the music industry so that they can develop a range of practical and technical skills. 

Students may develop skills/knowledge within:

  • The Music Industry

  • Musical Composition Development

  • Event Planning, development and management

  • Music Tech (DAW, Live Sound and Recorded Sound)

  • Music Performance

Employers within the music industry are keen to employ students who demonstrate a level of technical skills, knowledge and understanding to work within particular sectors, as well as employability skills which will ensure they are effective in the workplace. As a result of this pupils studying Music at KS4 develop skills in:

  • Self-Management

  • Attention to Detail

  • Teamworking

  • Problem Solving

  • Communication (Oracy)

  • Numeracy

  • Use of IT

As a department we feel very strongly about developing students' love and intrigue for Music; the main aim is to develop the hunger within students so that they have the drive to further enhance their knowledge and skills independently. Ultimately Music at KS4 attempts to create an atmosphere where students can learn through their mistakes, celebrate the journey of learning and develop a growth mindset. There will be a real “buzz” in the air as you walk into a KS4 lesson and students will be given every opportunity to develop their resourcefulness, resilience, reciprocity and reflectiveness.

Key Stage 4 - Music Overview