Mathematics Curriculum Intent

In the Mathematics Department we intend to deliver engaging lessons to all via outstanding and adaptive teaching of the Mathematics curriculum. Our vision in the Mathematics department is to:

  • Develop excellent, resilient, independent Mathematicians who have confidence in their abilities, show understanding of different Mathematical concepts and can communicate these effectively. 

  • Ensure that all students should be able to access our curriculum and achieve their potential. 

  • Allow students to develop a positive attitude and enjoyment for learning Mathematics and to understand that the learning of Mathematics is an essential skill

  • Prepare students for life outside of the classroom, relating their learning to different career paths and the application of Mathematics in a real life context.

  • Develop highly numerate and literate students which will then lead to becoming successful and fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics. 

  • Allow students to problem solve in a variety of ways and reason mathematically.

  • Develop students' abilities to recall and explain their methods and thinking processes.