Finance LIBF - Level 3

This qualification is equivalent to one A Level. 

The Certificate of Financial Studies has been designed to enable individuals to gain an in depth understanding of personal finance.  The Certificate in financial studies (CeFS) covers the core disciplines of financial capability. 

The course covers the evolution of money and the range of financial products available to the consumer. Importantly, students are encouraged to become responsible borrowers, sensible savers, and have an appreciation of the need for financial planning throughout their life.   It prepares them for further study by developing the core skills of critical analysis and evaluation, verbal communication (through classroom discussion) and written communication.


Course Content 

CeFS consists of two mandatory units. 

Unit 1: focuses on intermediate and short-term finance. Students will gain an appreciation of why money is important through focusing on what money is; attitudes to it; and how it can affect life choices. The unit introduces them to the financial services industry by focusing on the interaction between money, personal finance and the financial services market place. They will gain an appreciation of the differentiation of financial products for savings and the key features of interest and charges on borrowing.

Unit 2: focuses on medium and long term finance. Students will gain the ability to plan and manage their financial needs in the medium and long-term, with particular reference to the importance of the need to budget for future aspirations and life events. They will consider the changing priorities attached to needs, wants and aspirations as individuals progress through the personal life cycle and the role of financial services in assisting lifelong financial planning.

Units Year 12 units

Unit 1: Intermediate and short-term finance

Unit 2: Medium and long term finance


Each unit is assessed through a combination of Multiple Choice Questions (Part A) and a written paper (Part B). Part A can be sat via the LIBF e-test electronic testing system or via a paper-based MCQ examination. Part B will always be sat via paper-based examination.

A total of 200 marks are available from both units comprising 100 marks per unit;

  • Part A: 35 multiple choice questions in a 45-minute examination. 
  • Part B: pre-release case study requiring essay responses in a 105-minute examination.
  • Part B will also assess spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) through the essay responses.



This qualification is the foundation for the Diploma in Financial Studies (Year 13) and not only provides a basis for continued study within finance and business-related disciplines, but also develops knowledge and understanding of the financial services sector, enhancing highly valued skills within the working world.

The transferable skills developed are also invaluable for further study in unrelated disciplines and the skills obtained support students in making informed financial decisions in their personal future.


After completing the LIBF Finance) qualification at Meopham School you will be able to access a variety of undergraduate university courses, such as;

  • University of Greenwich - Business with Finance BA (Hons)

  • University of Bristol - Finance BSc

  • University of London - Financial Economics BSc (Hons)

  • Exeter University -Business Economics


Jobs directly related to business degree include:

  • Business adviser

  • Business analyst

  • Business development manager

  • Chartered management accountant

  • Corporate investment banker

  • Chartered accountant

  • Chartered certified accountant

  • Chartered management accountant

  • Chartered public finance accountant

  • Company secretary

  • External auditor

  • Forensic accountant

  • Stockbroker

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

  • Actuary

  • Arbitrator

  • Business development manager

  • Data analyst

  • Economist

  • Licensed conveyancer

  • Management consultant

  • Mortgage adviser

  • Procurement manager

  • Retail banker

  • Tax adviser


Entry Requirements

In order to attend Meopham Sixth Form the minimum entry requirement is 5 level 4 GCSEs, including English and Maths.

A GCSE/BTEC Level 2 in Finance is not required and students will not be at a disadvantage if they do not hold a previous Finance qualification.