KS4 English Curriculum Intent

In English, our purpose is to deliver a challenging curriculum through high quality teaching and learning. All students at the end of Key Stage 4 will have developed and learnt a variety of  skills to enable them to achieve and exceed their expected progress in both GCSE English Language and English Literature. The curriculum is sequenced in such a way that students can use the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout Key Stage 3 successfully to work towards agreed end points at the end of Year 11.

There are three key skills which are developed throughout Key Stage 4: reading, writing, and speaking and listening which are all an integral part of the KS4 curriculum. All students at the end of Key Stage 4 will have developed character by ensuring they can do the following:

  • read and appreciate the depth and power of the English literary heritage

  • understand and critically evaluate texts

  • analyse a writer’s choice of vocabulary, form, grammatical and structural features, and evaluating their effectiveness and impact

  • write accurately, fluently, effectively and at length for pleasure and information

  • drawing on new vocabulary and grammatical constructions from their reading and listening, and using these consciously in their writing and speech

  • use linguistic and literary terminology accurately and confidently in discussing reading, writing and spoken language

  • speak confidently, audibly and effectively.

We believe that students who have access to a high-quality education in English will be able to speak and write fluently allowing them to be effective and confident communicators. They will be able to express their ideas and emotions allowing them to participate fully as a member of society. Students who are confident readers develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually becoming more rounded and empathetic citizens of the future.

In English, it is important we raise aspirations and achievement allowing students to access the wider world when they leave. Our main aim is for all students to be confident, resilient and independent citizens, so they can develop their own ideas, thoughts and opinions as adults of the world.

Key Stage 4 - English Overview

Useful links:

Students follow Mr Bruff videos and videos linked to the AQA English Literature texts: An Inspector Calls, Macbeth, Poetry (Power and Conflict) and A Christmas Carol.