Key Stage 3 Drama Curriculum Intent 

At Meopham School we believe that drama plays a major role in the development of the whole person. Drama is a subject that encourages working with others, developing communication skills and therefore the ability to work in a group. Students develop confidence, teamwork skills, authentic communication, and the ability to problem solve. Students have opportunities to develop their creativity, build their memory skills and use their initiative.

The Drama department aims to provide students with challenging, creative activities that develop the above skills within a lively, enthusiastic environment. Students are encouraged to overcome challenges and approach their work with a growth mindset. Every lesson focuses on the development of resilience and reflectiveness.

All sessions have a practical focus to ensure students are engaged at a level most suitable for their bodies and minds at that time. We encourage pupils to perform, analyse and interpret texts.

The engagement in Drama is key to developing each student's personal cultural capital with the exploration of text from Shakespeare to Melodrama. We offer extensive enrichment opportunities which further build students' cultural capital, as well as a Key Stage 3 Youth Theatre once a week after school. Students may have the chance to engage in workshops with outside practitioners in which they broaden their subject knowledge and skills. They also have the opportunity to perform their work twice a year to an outside audience. 

Performing Arts at KS3

At Key Stage 3, students explore a range of drama tools and look at communicating with an audience in a creative way. All lessons at Key Stage 3 are taught on a termly carousel.

Key Stage 3 - Drama Overview