Digital Information Technology

Key Stage 4 DIT Curriculum Intent

The core purpose of Key Stage 4 Digital Information Technology (DIT) at Meopham School is to deliver an engaging curriculum which inspires students to challenge themselves. Students who choose to take the DIT course build upon their previous learning at Key Stage 3 to design, develop and implement solutions to meet user needs. Students are encouraged to develop their research skills by questioning their processes and programming skills. Students have the opportunity to put these skills into practice during other lessons and in the world of work outside the classroom.

For some students, studying DIT at Key Stage 4 may be the last time they have the opportunity to explore the practical and exciting opportunities of developing systems to meet user requirements. Digital Information Technology allows students to develop exciting digital products, including user interface, creating and analysing data models using the latest software applications and experiencing how systems are developed in an ever changing technological world. Therefore, we feel it is essential that students are equipped with the skills to participate in a rapidly-changing world through challenging and engaging topics, classroom exercises and real-life scenarios. Students will develop an understanding and application in the fundamental principles of digital information technology and systems development. 

The main focus is on five areas of equal importance, which cover the:

  • development of key skills that prove your aptitude in digital information technology, such as project planning, designing and creating user interfaces, creating dashboards to present and interpret data;

  • process that underpins effective ways of working in digital information technology, such as project planning, the design process, cyber security, virtual teams, legal and ethical codes of conduct;

  • attitudes that are considered most important in digital information technology, including personal management and communication

  • knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, processes and attitudes in the sector such as how different user interfaces meet user needs, how organisations collect and use data to make decisions, virtual workplaces, cyber security and legal and ethical issues. 

  • ensure that all students feel safe when working online whether that be on a computer or their personal devices and social networking sites. Students will be aware of where they can turn to in the event of any issues arising.

The ICT department at Meopham, believes that ICT & Computing skills are a major factor in enabling students to be confident, creative and independent learners. It is our intention that they have every opportunity available to allow them to achieve this and take the skills and knowledge gained on the course into further education or employment.

Key Stage 4 - Digital Information Technology Overview