Design Technology

stage Key Stage 3 Design Technology Curriculum Intent

In Design and Technology pupils develop the knowledge and skills to solve design problems with creative solutions whilst building practical skills. Our core purpose at Key Stage 3 is to deliver an engaging and challenging curriculum through outstanding teaching and learning. We aim to make our pupils confident and responsible members of the school and wider community. 

The sequencing of the curriculum enables pupils to build on their knowledge and skills working to a design brief. Pupils are encouraged to explore technologists, techniques and processes to be able to express reasoned judgements that inform design choices. Pupils have to pay attention to detail, developing strong organisational skills, setting a pace for themselves and addressing challenges with an open mind. All skills are taught to pupils, discussed to address misconceptions and then modelled to show how to achieve the desired outcome. Pupils are then coached through the process, if required. 

Our design and technology textile programme provides a foundation for understanding the world, building resilient, reflective and resourceful pupils and developing an extensive bank of transferable skills. Pupils are encouraged to be resilient by exposing their creations, giving and accepting feedback graciously. We use ‘action feedback’ which provides pupils with the support and time to refine and revisit work, building their critical thinking skills and encouraging pupils to take pride in their work. 

Our vision as a faculty is to inspire young people to think differently. The aim of our curriculum is to support pupils in the vulnerability which comes with creativity. It allows pupils to make independent decisions when they feel ready. Oracy is firmly embedded through discussion and presentation. Pupils develop the ability to effectively and authentically communicate opinions and emotions, an appreciation of diversity and a grasp of the beauty found in the journey of a task and not just the outcome.  

Pupils build on their previous Key Stage 2 knowledge and skills enhancing their cultural capital through a range of different experiences.  

In design and technology textiles pupils are taught to:

  • analyse the work of past and present professionals and others to develop and broaden their understanding

  • develop and communicate design ideas using annotated sketches, detailed plans, 3-D modelling as well as oral and digital presentations. 

  • select from and use a range of materials taking into account their properties.

  • test, evaluate and refine ideas and products against a specification, taking into account the views of intended users and other interested groups.

  • understand the responsibilities of designers, engineers and technologists.


Key Stage 3 - Design and Technology Overview


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