Meopham School Curriculum Philosophy

At Meopham School we combine our traditional academic curriculum with our Excellence Through Character curriculum to ensure that every student is nurtured to uncover their talents and aptitudes. We recognise that excellent examination results are only a part of the story. Qualifications and personality open doors initially, but it is strength of character which keeps those doors open and allows our young people to lead happy, successful and healthy lives. 

The curriculum at Meopham School is carefully structured to ensure the incremental development of both skills and knowledge across all subjects and key stages. Our teachers are architects of learning, in its broadest sense. The three cornerstones of learning are literacy, oracy and numeracy which form the foundations of deep learning, both in school and beyond. 

The character curriculum is rooted in the development of both skills and knowledge. It is a framework which focuses on the development of the 4Rs (Resilience, Reciprocity, Reflectiveness and Resourcefulness). These are intertwined in the pedagogy of the lessons and embedded in all Programmes of Study. There is also a whole school focus on Student Leadership, Service, Communication and Careers Education. These strands are delivered through Advisories and Enrichment activities. 

At Meopham School we have an ambitious ethos for excellence. The curriculum ensures that every student at Meopham School is both supported and challenged to excel. This includes an emphasis on the mastery of skills and knowledge, which is evident both in schemes of work and in individual lessons. 

At Meopham School we understand that learning is for life. The curriculum supports the fostering of a love of lifelong learning. The Meopham legacy is that our students are keen not only to learn, but to use this learning as a basis to innovate, create and thrive. 

For more information on the curriculum we follow, please follow the links to the relevant curriculum for each Key-Stage.