Core Maths - Level 3

Level 3 Mathematical Studies (Core Maths)  is equivalent to one AS Level. 

This course will help to develop students’ mathematical skills and thinking and supports courses such as A-level Psychology, Sciences, Business and Finance.

This Level 3 Certificate Mathematical Studies qualification will consolidate students' mathematical understanding, build their confidence and competence in applying mathematical techniques to solve a range of problems and introduce them to new techniques and concepts that will prepare them for further study and future employment within a broad range of academic, professional and technical fields.

Mathematical Studies aims to prepare students for the mathematical demands of higher education and work where there is a distinct mathematical or statistical element, but where the mathematical demands do not stretch to a requirement for A Level mathematics.

A course of study leading to this qualification should enable students to:

  • Study a mathematics curriculum that is integrated with other areas of their study, work or interest leading to the application of mathematics in these areas
  • Develop mathematical modelling, evaluating and reasoning skills
  • Solve problems some of which will not be well-defined and may not have a unique solution
  • Solve substantial and real life problems encountered by adults
  • Use ICT as an exploratory tool for developing mathematical understanding and when solving problems
  • Develop skills in the communication, selection, use and interpretation of their mathematics
  • Enjoy mathematics and develop confidence in using mathematics.


Course Content

This Level 3 Certificate Mathematical Studies specification aims to build on the knowledge, understanding and skills established in GCSE mathematics.

Pupils will study 4 compulsory units: Analysis of Data, Maths for Personal Finance, Estimation, and Critical Analysis of Given Data and Models, in addition to a number of optional units.

The exams will measure how students have achieved the following assessment objectives.

  • AO1: Use and apply standard techniques.
  • AO2: Select appropriate techniques to solve problems in a mathematical or non-mathematical context and analyse data and represent situations mathematically.
  • AO3: Devise strategies to solve problems where the method is not obvious and communicate processes and results.


These qualifications are linear.  Linear means that students will sit all the exams at the end of their courses.  All exams in mathematics must include questions that allow students to draw on elements from within and across different topic areas, and questions that allow students to provide extended responses.


After completing the Core Maths qualification, in conjunction with other qualifications at Meopham School you will be able to access a variety of undergraduate university courses within a number of different fields, such as; Business, Finance, Sport and Psychology for example.

Entry Requirements

Students applying to do Level 3 Mathematics should have achieved a Level 4 grade at GCSE level.