Art and Technology

Curriculum Intent for Art & Design 

The Art and Technology Department consists of four independent subjects; Art, Textiles, Resistant Materials and Food Technology. As a department we holistically aim to provide students with an engaging, knowledge-rich and progressive curriculum that prioritises creative curiosity. Our curriculum is designed to support students in the development of their technical skills, encourage students to experiment with a diverse range of creative mediums and enable them to become confident, independent learners. 

Art students at Meopham will create a foundation of secure knowledge across KS3, by exploring the work of relevant artists and experiencing a broad collection of mediums and processes. As students move through Years 7 to 9 they will experience increasing levels of independent and project based learning that will prepare them for KS4. Students who opt to continue their studies in Art through Years 10 to 11 will complete a Fine Art GCSE with AQA. GCSE Art students are expected to conduct themselves professionally as they are taught how to master their skillsets and explore more challenging concepts. The Fine Art GCSE course consists of two components. Component One is coursework based and requires students to complete a project which evidences exploration of secondary sources, experimentation and refinement, recording of ideas development and personal responses. Component Two is an Externally Set Assignment provided by AQA where students are required to complete a project in response to starting point. This project will end with ten hours of supervised time (two days) where candidates will create their final outcome under exam conditions. KS5 students will complete a Fine Art A Level, also with AQA and following a similar course structure, with the addition of an essay. A Level students will have the opportunity to showcase themselves as artists in all areas of the course, building a portfolio that is reflective of their individual strengths and creative identities. 

Textiles, Resistant Materials and Food Technology are delivered as part of our Creative Arts Rotation. Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will complete a shortened project which provides an opportunity for students to develop their confidence when working towards a brief. Students will develop their fine-motor skills through activities such as hand-stitching, developing knife skills as part of food preparation and using hand tools as part of construction. The intention of these rotations is to allow students to experience these three specialist areas in a safe environment with guidance and support, and to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and understanding to continue within these areas as part of their further education if they wish to do so. 

Resilience and reflective working are at the heart of Art and Technology studies and students are actively encouraged to learn through making mistakes and finding creative solutions. Our curriculum is designed to challenge thinking in a relevant context as well to consider the part Art and Technology plays in the wider world. Students have the chance to learn about spirituality, moral choices, social effects and culture through exploration of secondary sources and will discover the power of creativity in promoting diversity and inclusion. 

Students who study subjects within Art and Technology develop the knowledge and expertise of project based learning, workload management and creative thinking that are key transferable skills for any future learning or career. Throughout a students art education we promote potential career pathways as part of lessons and extra-curricular activities. 

We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom so encourage our students to participate in as many activities outside of the curriculum as they are able to. To support this we often collaborate with external bodies to organise trips and workshops that will create a boarder horizon of creative opportunities. We also provide clubs which we welcome students to join if they enjoy being creative for fun in a relaxed environment. 

We aim to provide a well-balanced and inclusive curriculum that all students can access and enjoy. As learners progress through school their Art and Technology projects are designed to frequently reflect on prior learning, encouraging knowledge and skills to embed in students’ long term memories. In doing so we are able to learning over time as well as scaffolding individual lesson tasks. Students are always encouraged to challenge their perception of their own abilities and are provided with additional challenge tasks, high expectations of working, feedback and guidance to support them in achieving their full potential.