Overview of the Subject

Can you imagine a world without Art? It plays a big role in our everyday lives, sometimes without us even knowing. Someone who once studied art will have designed the clothes you wear, the buildings you live in; even the packaging of your food has been carefully designed by a type of artist. The world would be a lot duller without Art. 

Art education is about learning how to interpret the world around us using visual language to communicate. We aim to provide a well-balanced and inclusive curriculum that all students can access and enjoy.



In Key Stage 3 students have 3 x 50 minutes of Art a week. Students are first introduced to the Formal Elements of Art from which they build their practical and analytical understanding of the subject. They will complete a number of focussed projects on a variety of topics that explore both modern and contemporary artists, as well as 2D and 3D media.



GCSE Fine Art is taken as an option in Year 9 and studied until the end of Year 11. Students complete a range of projects that cover a variety of topics including Identity, Natural Forms and the Man Made World. Each project looks at different media including traditional drawing and painting techniques, sculpture, print making and digital outcomes.

The course is broken down into two components. Component 1 is worth 60% of the final GCSE and is made up of a “Personal Portfolio”. Component 2 is worth 40% of the final GCSE and is an “Externally Set Assignment” and will conclude with a 10 hour controlled assessment in which students create their Final Piece. 



The Fine Art A-Level course is broken down across two years of study.

In the first year students will complete an AS that consists of Component 1 – “Portfolio”, and Component 2 – “Externally Set Assignment”. Throughout component 1, students will be introduced to a wide range of new skills such as printmaking, darkroom and digital photography as well as developing more traditional Fine Art skills. During Component 2, students are encouraged to independently work towards a meaningful final outcome.

In the second year of study students will complete their A-Level that consists of Component 1 – “Personal Investigation” and Component 2 – “Externally Set Assignment”. The Personal Investigation contains a written element that supports the practical sketchbook development and creative outcomes. Component 2 will allow students to demonstrate their advanced knowledge and understanding of contemporary and historical artists and art practices, culminating in a final independent outcome.

The examining body for Fine Art is AQA, in each year Component 1 has a weighting of 60% and Component 2, 40%.


If KS4  or KS5 students wish to appeal their coursework grades need to email the Head of Faculty.


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