Sixth Form Induction week

Our Sixth Form Induction week takes place on 28th June and runs from 8.30am-3.05pm daily.  We are pleased to be working with Kent University, Greenwich University and the Armed Forces.

Our Sixth Form Induction Week will start on Monday 28th June and run to Friday 2nd July.  We ask students to be on site for 8.30am until 3.05pm daily. The five days will consist of courses to enthuse and prepare students for Sixth Form study.  During the induction period students will be given the opportunity to attend “taster” lessons. This will give them the chance to meet their subject teacher, their class peers and to get a brief outline of the course and what is expected of them.  Furthermore, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet other students during team building activities.

We believe these induction days are a vital part of the transition period from Year 11 to Year 12. This is why we have organised for students to attend a variety of workshops to help them become a successful Meopham Sixth Form student. The workshops cover areas such as motivation, growth mindset, independent learning, health and well-being and time management. Our team building activities will introduce the skills, qualities and attitudes needed in order for them to excel in their qualifications.

We are very pleased to announce that we will be working with the following establishments during the Meopham Sixth Form Induction; University of Kent, University of Greenwich, UCA, the Armed Forces and a current England international female athlete. 

Students are expected to wear business attire and to bring writing equipment with them.  Please see our Uniform for further details.  On Friday 2nd July please bring with you some comfortable clothing as we will be working together on team building activities and having a summer picnic with the current Sixth Form students.  This will be a great opportunity for you to find out more about Sixth Form life.

We operate a cashless canteen, as such we advise external applicants to bring their lunch with them.

This event is by invitation only.